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 The story of this book into the lives of the World-Spirit team, soon to be published, which is another neverending story in itself!

Please check out an interview of Phillip Elton Collins, author, on the 22nd of October by Global Talk Radio! 
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"Each of you will be revealed to the world on and off the mountain, Simply by being who you are, your talents & 
gifts will be revealed to others." 
Coming Home To Lemuria - Phillip Elton Collins

"Even as George Lucas’ "Star Wars" films are being prepared for re-release in 3D, Phillip Elton Collins, a former director of marketing at Industrial Light & Magic Commercials/Lucasfilm Ltd., goes two steps beyond Lucas’ fictional space stories with "Coming Home to Lemuria," an account of a remarkable non-fiction adventure into an extraordinary 5D reality that co-exists with ours here on Earth. When Collins was working with film director Ridley Scott of "Blade Runner" fame, they produced the celebrated 1984 Apple Computer commercial that introduced new cyber communication technology to the world. Now, Collins introduces us to a fantastic reality beyond cyber space. His inspiring account of a sacred journey to Mount Shasta in Northern California reveals the presence of an advanced, ancient civilization living inside our planet, and also depicts important rituals performed on the surface that will change our world for the better, forever. Is the world ready to receive this truth? Are you ready? Rev. Philip Elton Collins, co-founder of The Modern Day Mystery School, is a healing arts therapist and light ascension master teacher whose work addresses the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. His private practice and teaching promote self-love and self-healing leading to higher consciousness."

World-Spirit has a passion for the process of writing.

Now we dedicate our time, and use  the Slipstream Method (introduced by Anthony Hopkins)
to translate Books. A book can only be fully energetically translated per Quantum Speed .  This Procedure provides enough Space to channel the most appropriate Translation unto the Paper.

(for more information about the slipstream, refer to the Movie "Slipstream" by Anthony Hopkins)
Slip-streaming can also be described as a full focused Immersion into a specific field of energy or Consciousness.