Adept - Mahatma mahatman

Adept [from Latin adeptus from ad toward + apiscor to reach, attain] One who has attained; in theosophical literature, one who has attained mastery in the art and science of living, an initiate or mahatma.

Mahatma mahatman (Sanskrit) [from maha great + atman self] Great soul or self; relatively perfected human beings, also called teachers, elder brothers, Masters, sages, seers, etc. They are human beings who, through self-directed evolution and spiritual striving over many lifetimes, have attained a lofty spiritual and intellectual state. They are farther advanced evolutionarily than the majority of people, possessing great knowledge and powers; but their primary duty is the instruction and protection of mankind. From this body of advanced human beings, which has existed since humanity attained self-consciousness, have come the great teachers and the wisdom at the root of the world's great religious, philosophic, and scientific systems.
Used in India as an honorary title for any great or revered man.