The definition for the word Ashim includes:
no boundary
brothers * to live
universe is Ashim

The word is often used in Nepali, Indian, and Muslim traditions. Given that the word includes all and the not all, we leave it simple
for you to interpret and inquire of yourselves, where the edge is, and once you have passed through, above, below, or around the edge, what is next?

Only Ashim remains as this is the simple nature of no boundaries, of the illimitable, of the limitless universe.

The word Ashim embraced by Chief Executive Dreamweaver Tini Courtney of H.O.W.L. 
(Handle Only With Love) for our exclusive custom World-Spirit jewelry piece featured in the video below.

Tini Courtney, the Chief Executive Dreamweaver of HOWL, based out of her Los Angeles creative space, 
blessed World-Spirit with a physical manifestation transcending all universal boundaries.
Matching our World-Spirit with specially chosen elements coupled with embedded artifacts brought back from 
India and Nepal, Tini knew exactly what name to choose for our meaningful piece, and she gave us...

"On an auspicious day mutual friends from Time Peace commenced wearing HOWL creations.
This instantly intriguied me as the design was ultimately balancing in both a wellness perspective
as well as an asthetically pleasing material visual - it was hip and pretty!  Tini at HOWL responded
to my contact almost instantaneously, even though I was out of the country and unsure of how I
would snail mail the team at HOWL meaningful pieces for the necklace.

Upon arrival from Asia I was asked to return to Los Angeles with Kidd Lúcid after being home in 
San Francisco just under one week.  Tini at HOWL was available to meet me directly, and infuse
 the meaningful elements I had brought back from India and Nepal, as well as the raven and eagle feather
gifted to us by artist Richard Castaneda, to create my custom piece.  HOWL knew to web in goldstone for 
energy and blissful balance, magnesite to continue to stimulate my passion for creative visualization, 
pyrite for good luck auric field, and black onyx.  Synchronicity and alignment 
throughout contact with HOWL since the beginning!!!

When Tini named the piece 'Ashim - Limitless' it was apparent that she had searched
deep into the depths of my journey as this name was the most appropriately suited for the
creation given to me.  This Ashim - Limitless piece I have yet to take off, and its magnetic
existence shall continue to be displayed on me, as a living and breathing work of art!
Eternal Gratitude Namaste!"     -World-Spirit

Ashim Limitless

Ashim in Psychology

The well known Neurologist and experiment Psychologist at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Barry Gordon, has been intrigued in Ahsim in the area of transcending limits due to his son being diagnosed with autism at age 4. Through meeting the verbal language situation (non verbal autism) of his son Alex, Dr. Barry Gordon pushed all limits, reaching Ashim in his scientific research.  "He couldn't do anything a normal child did. He was in preschool, and he couldn't even go 'Ring around the Rosy.' He couldn't seemingly understand, or even pay attention to a word that anybody said. And at some point, I got pretty frustrated." - Dr. Barry Gordon.
Barry knew that if his son did not speak by the age of 5, the chances were not in his favor that his son would ever speak again.  Barry's son, Alex, still could not speak at 6 years old.  Years passed and with Dr. Gordon's full devotion, Alex, at the age of 16, finally said his first words: "mom" "daddy" and "me".

According to Barry Gordon, and multiple additional neurologists, each piece of the brain is used, meaning it is active at all times, which MEANS there is limitless connections from the brain to the mainframe heart, and much more, at all times.  The 10% is simply conditioning and habitual predisposed patterns that individuals like Bruce Lipton in epigenetics have revealed to us.  Each human being is a form of Ashim, if they choose to be limitless, giving themselves the possibility and opportunity to transcend even themselves at any point in time.  The beauty is that we create our own boundaries and limits, only to cross them...or do we?

Ashim in the Media

Limitless also a movie featuring Bradley CooperAbbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro

Achim In Languages

In the Hebrew language Achim is often used as a biblical name for a male.  Achim is also a popular
German name and here we have Achim 亚金 in Chinese. 

In Hebrew 

The Hebrew language also uses the word Achim for brotherhood or siblings, brothers in the
masculien plural, "ach" for singular.  In Hebrew Achim comes from the verb
LICHYOT meaning "to live".
The root has many words connected such as CHAIM meaning "life" such as the toast
Le'Chaim standing for "to life to living to being".

Achim in Geography 

Achim is also a town in Germany in the Verden district, Lower Saxony