(Sanskrit) Aum The ancient Indians held that Om, when considered as a single letter was the symbol of the Supreme; when written with three letters — Aum — it stood among other things for the three Vedas, the three gunas or qualities of nature, the three divisions of the universe, and the deities of the Hindu Trimurti — Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva — concerned in the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe or the beings composing it. “The mystic formula, résumé of every science, contained in the three mysterious letters, AUM which signify creation, conservation, and transformation” (IU 2:31). These three letters are supposed by some Hindus to have correspondences as follows: “The letter A is the Sattva Guna, U is the Rajas, and M is the Tamas; these three qualities are termed Nature (Prakriti). . . . A is Bhurloka, U is Bhuvarloka, and M is Svarloka; by these three letters the spirit exhibits itself” (Laheri in Lucifer 10:147). This word is said to have a morally spiritualizing effect if pronounced during meditation and when the mind is at peace and cleansed of all impurities.

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Om (Sanskrit). In Brahmanical literature, a syllable of invocation, considered very holy: "Om is the bow, the Self is the arrow, Brahman is called its aim" (Mandukya Upanishad 2:2). It is placed at the beginning of scriptures considered of unusual sanctity. "Prolonging the uttering of this word, both of the O and the M, with the mouth closed, it reechoes in and arouses vibration in the skull, and affects, if the aspirations be pure, the different nervous centers of the body for great good" (Fund 28). The virtue or spiritual and magical properties attributed to this word, however, arise out of the purity and devotion of the one uttering it. 

The 'AH' Sound To generate Pece and Compassion
"Day of Toning"  

The 'AH' sound is an extremely powerful sound- particularly useful for generating peace and compassion.  
Peace and compassion are truly keys to transformation of consciousness on this planet.  The "AH"
sound is a sacred seed syllable.  It is found in most of the God and Goddess names on the plant (Tara,
Buddha, Krishna, Yah,) as well as many of hte sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum).  Most mystical traditions worldwide
also find it to be the sound of the heart chakra.  Yet, as a vowel sound, it defies denomination or description as a mantra
and is acceptable by everyone.

To do this, simply sound the "AH", feeling the energy of peace and compassino as the sound resonates in your heart center. 
While making this "AH", visualize a beam of pink and gold energy going initially from you and spreading throughout 
this planet.  As you make this sound, and do this visualization, feel the energy of peace and mcompassion within and without yourself. This feeling of peace whiel you make the sound is essential to the effectiveness of projecting the "AH".

Here is another exercise unsing the "AH" sound that is exremely beneficial for developing compassion within self and then 
generating to others.  Start first with yourself and begin to tone the "AH" sound while feeling the energy of compassion and peace within.  
Once you have been able to achieve this feeling, visualize a person with whome you have neutral energy and send this energy
to them while making this sound.  Finally, make the "AH" sound while sending the energy of peace and compassion to someone
whith whom you've had some difficulty.  It is this last part of the exercise that provides the greatest opportunity for spiritual
growth.  It is easy to send love and peace to someone you already love.  Or, with the second part of the exercise, someone you don't have
any real feelings about.  It can be a real challenge to send compassion to someone you dn't love and whom you may consider
to be an enemy.  yet, herein lays the most extraordinary evolutionary activation that can occur o both a personal and planetary level.  
If we can learn to do this, we will great assist the ascention of the Earth.