Auric egg and Aura

Aura, Auric Egg or Envelope

The electromagnetic field around every being is called Aura.
For instance, People often describe the effect, of going into another room in the own House and the process of forgetting things; so the individual is naturally pulled back into the former room to remember one´s own thoughts.
This effect can be simply explained by knowing, that humans create an energy field around them in the space and ether, filled with their thoughts, feelings and emotions and if they leave this space, and loose the connection to those morphic fields, they simply forget what the were thinking or feeling about just minutes ago.

Many writers describe their Immersion and Creation of Stories as an Information and Energy Vortex, which they create around them while being in the creative flow, and as soon they leave the Room, bigger parts of the stories are missing in one´s present sphere of consciousness. And this is natural, because if we would carry around those energy spheres or bubbles around us the whole time, we would not really be able to go to the next super market, or those energies would collapse or interfere or merge with those auric structures of the supermarket itself.

This also explains, how Psychics with ESP are able to read the Information, Thoughts and memories of other People who have been in prior in the room and touched objects.

This is the reason why especially in Russia, the criminal investigators work with psychics, providing them with personal belongings of dead or missed people. The psychic literary downloads or quantum-reads the necessary information of
 the objects.


Auric Egg or Envelope The source of the human aura, taking its name from its shape. It ranges from the divine to the astral-physical, and is the seat of all the monadic, spiritual, intellectual, mental, passional, and vital energies and faculties. In its essence it is eternal and endures throughout the pralayas as well as during the manvantaras.

“Every being or thing throughout the universe, and indeed the universe itself, has, or rather is, its own auric egg. Its primal substance is the akasa . . .
“The auric egg originates in the monad which is its heart or core, and from which, when manifestation begins, it emanates forth in streams of vital effluvia. On the different planes which the auric egg traverses as a pillar of light, from the atmic to the physical, each such auric or pranic effluvium is a principle or element, commonly reckoned in man as seven in number. When the auric egg is viewed on any one plane of the human constitution, we discover that this plane or ‘layer’ not only corresponds to, but actually is, one of the unfolded six principles of man; it would appear to be ovoid or somewhat egg-shaped in outline, and to be a more or less dense, extremely brilliant, central portion surrounded by an enormously active interworking cloud of pranic currents. . . .
“These immensely active and interworking clouds or vital effluvia are actually the pranas of the auric egg on any one plane expressing themselves as auras” (FSO 427).

Aura [from Greek, Latin aura air] A subtle invisible essence or fluid emanating from and surrounding beings, both those classed as animate and inanimate. To the eyes of clairvoyants the human aura appears as a halo of light, variously colored according to the momentary psychic and mental condition of the individual. Since everything in the universe is a center of living energies of one kind or another, it must necessarily be surrounded by a field of force, representing its radiations into the surrounding space and upon all objects within its sphere of influence. The human being is of a composite nature, and his aura will, therefore, be composite, including astral-vital, psychomental, and spiritual emanations, and any of these may be perceptible according to the plane on which the perceiver is able to function. But the aura, even though not commonly visible to our eyes, is nevertheless perceptible by the effects which it produces upon those subtle senses which all possess in addition to the conventional five. By the auras of persons we are affected, both consciously and unconsciously, and thus is explained the influence which people exercise on each other. Animals are in some ways far more sensitive to auras than we are.
Auras also emanate from so-called inorganic substances, such as magnetic substances. This subject has been investigated in connection with different bodies by Reichenbach and others, whose researches show that these emanations are bipolar as is ordinary magnetism. The phenomena of animal magnetism, investigated by Mesmer, illustrate this, for his magnetic fluid was a reality. The aura is a psychomental effluvium, and in its higher parts is a direct manifestation of the akasic portion of the auric egg surrounding every individual.