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Gaia and the communication method Soma "Ayahuasca" is closely connected to the Jaguar and all cat species.
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Not without reason do we have since ancient times always a healer (witch or magician) depicted with a cat by his/her side.

Cats are very important for the healer, because they resolve negative energy around them.


there is a legend, describing that Humans learnt the use of the Soma from the Jaguar.

Jaguar’s chew the leaves of Ayahuasca, to improve its sensitivity for hunting, and the indigenous people took it originally for the same reason. It seems from an evolutionary perspective all sacred medicines have selective advantages in their use, as anti-parasitic, immune-boosting, or increasing ones capacity

cats, although underestimated by humans, have great effect on healing,
the German website narrates more about the mechanism and purpose of cats

many cat owners told us, that every time when they had a headache or stomach pain, that the cat would come and just lay on the ill or dis-eased spot, and the pain would begin to resolve

here we have a nice esoteric excerpt about cats from the books of Lobsang Rampa, the monk from the Himalayas




"One tutor in particular was intrigued by my love of cats, and the cats' obvious love for me. The tutor knew full well that cats and I conversed telepathically. One day after school hours he was in a very good mood indeed, and he saw me lying on the ground with four or five of our temple cats sitting on me. He laughed at the sight and bade me accompany him to his room, which I did with some apprehension because in those days a summons to a lama's quarters usually meant a reprimand for something done or not done, or extra tasks to be accomplished. So I followed him at a respectful distance, and once in his rooms he told me to sit down while he talked to me about cats.
"Cats," he said, "are now small creatures, and they cannot speak in the human tongue but only by telepathy. Many, many years ago, before this particular Round of Existence, cats populated the Earth. They were bigger, they were almost as big as our ponies, they talked to each other, they could do things with their forepaws, which then they called hands. They engaged in horticulture and they were largely vegetarian cats. They lived among the trees and their houses were in the great trees. Some of the trees were very different from those we now know upon the Earth, some of them, in fact, had great hollows in them like caves, and in those hollows, or caves, the cats made their homes. They were warm, they were protected by the living entity of the tree, and altogether they were a very congenial community. - But one cannot have perfection with any species because unless there is some competition, unless there is some dissatisfaction to spur one on, then the creature having such euphoria degenerates."

He smiled at the cats who had followed me and who were now sitting around me, and then he went on, "Such happened to our brothers and sisters Cat. They were too happy, too contented, they had nothing to spur their ambition, nothing to drive them on to greater heights. They had no thought except that they were happy. They were like those poor people we saw recently who were bereft of sanity, they were content just to lie beneath the trees and let the affairs of the day take care of themselves. They were static, and so being static they were a failure. As such the Gardeners of the Earth rooted them out as though they were weeds and the earth was allowed to lie fallow for a time.

And in the course of time the Earth had reached such a stage of ripeness that again it could be restocked with a different type of entity. But the cats - well, their fault had been that they had done nothing, neither good nor bad. They had existed and that alone -existed. And so they were sent down again as small creatures like those we see here, they were sent to learn a lesson, they were sent with the inner knowledge that THEY had once been the dominant species, so they were reserved, very careful to whom they gave their friendship. They were sent to do a task, the task of watching humans and reporting the progress or the failures of humans so that when the next Round came, much information would have been provided by cats. Cats can go anywhere, they can see anything, they can hear anything, and, not being able to tell a lie, they would record everything precisely as it occurred."

I know that I was quite frightened for the time being! I wondered what the cats were reporting about me (the initiated lamas could tap information from the cats that supervised the temple and the community. As living spy/supervision-cameras of today. R.Ø.anm.) But then one old tom, a champion of many a fight, gave a "Rrrr" and jumped on my shoulders and butted his head against mine, so I knew everything was all right and they would not report me too badly."

-excerpt from the book "AS IT WAS" by Lobsang Rampa:

cat heals

Let us not forget our Cheshire Cat from Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass