This page inspired and ignited by my husband who's flame manifested onto gaiasSilence our N.E.W.S. blog!
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Also there is inspiration and dedication to our developmental psychologist and dear beloved friend

Jolina Ruckert 
Ph.D. Student, Department of Psychology, University of Washington 

Jolina H. Ruckert is currently pursuing her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington. She received a MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University (2006) and a BA in Psychology/Biology from the University of Miami (2004). She has been a student member of The Explorers Club since 2004. In 2002 she completed a year-long study of psychology and biology at The University of Westminster in London, England and Flinder's University in Adelaide, Australia. While in Australia she worked with the Australian Research Council, researching the sandy and rocky shores of South Australia. In 2000 she was an apprentice to a dolphin assisted therapist at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Jolina's research interests center on the human relationship with the natural world. She is particularly interested in (a) the development of moral considerations regarding nonhuman animals, (b) children and adolescents’ experiences with and conceptions of nature and technologically mediated nature (e.g., as occurs through robotic animal forms), and (c) building theory of the human-nature relation that integrates ontogenesis, ontology, and culture.

RIGHT NOW Jolina rocks the world as recipient of once in a lifetime grant.

check her out just click below on her progress!