sat सत्

SAT (सत्) 

Sat is a sanskrit work meaning the ideal and true essense (in nature) of ones existence. 


The sanskrit word translating into English as best as possible meaning "truth" or that which is "correct".  The purity held with
this term has great power.  Meaning of Satya is a living emblem of various societal movements centered on Peace, justice, vegetarianism, and the environment.

Sathya in Sanskrit is often defined as " sate hitam satyam " translating into 
"the path towards ultimate supreme TRUTH or Sat is Sathya"
Meaning the "real truth or OneTruth

It is also given in this definition that all actions, non-actions, and reactions or responses
such as deeds, spoken words, wisdom, ideas, taking us closed to the ultimate OneTruth is
Truth   Satya   Sathya

SATYA (truth) and GRAHA (take hold).  

Tune into your Tree Chakra frequency and share it with your surroundings.