Thank you to our partners at Time-Peace

Check out their interview's in World-Spirit's film 


Ian, the chief executive Dreamer of Time-Peace, is an expert on time-travel by means through lucid dreaming and Tibetan dream yoga...

but now time travel is also possible by using the Merkaba, as Melchizedek showed us,
to time-travel in a wakeful meditation!

thank you Time-Peace! you are real Pioneers in that field!
inspired by the Power of Now to create a better future!

World-Spirit undertakes an Angel Walk Adventure to Mexico and for the future we embark on a journey with Time-Peace to the distant Jungle near Peru for Ayahuasca Gaia Ceremonies, to unveil subtler levels of consciousness!
The Producers of the movie "What is Love?", lead by Ana Grillo, joins our jungle Trip!

One Love, One Life!

Save the future Generations of the World, save the Planet!

Humanity is stuck in the past, Eckhart Tolle managed to reach the Now safely,
and Now the new generation offers a new threat!

the Future Children!
The Future!

The New Children love Aliens, 
for one simple Reason,

they feel like Aliens themselves!
Where is the Love and Compassion of the World?
The new intelligent kids will come with force and assist the world-spirit Gaia for a better future.

there are no Aliens, only Friends!

That's why Aurora came into existence as an Encyclopedia.

To convey OneTruth
in written words combined with visuals

Every Individual writes her/his  own destiny in every moment.
Even reading these words here in the world wide web, dear Reader, is already shaping your destiny...

"The mind is the puppet of the food we take" - Sai Baba

and food is not just what enters through the mouth, but also what enters through our doors of perception, eyes, ears and all other visible and invisible senses,
as these words enter your mind and heart now,
deprogramming the way of functioning.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."