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This sacred Space we dedicate to Mother Gaia, the Spirit of our World.
Sai Ram!


Satyat Nasti paro dharmah.

many books and many movies exist already, explaining, or at least trying to convey and explain the truth or purpose  of the ancient sacred plant medicines of our world (especially of amazonas)

very simply said in one sentence,
as methaporically perfectly depicted in james camerons avatar movie, where the high advanced civilisation connects to the universal tree and nature network of planet pandora...

thats what it is, except that the disciple on our globe connects to the planetary wisdom of Planet Earth.

the question #why# is irrelevant, the wise ones of the world have been living it since the beginning of time,
you can imagine why and what for...

*slideshow of amazonian, peruvian jungle travels follows soon*



Conceptual thinking is a limited tool when one truly attempts to develop one's consciousness.

Indeed, human consciousness has a natural tendency to identify with thoughts and reason - stopping there. Shamans use a technology or an outside element, generally consisting of sacred plants. Using powerful psychotropic substances, the Shamans guide individuals, enabling them to "peel away" consciousness from thoughts and reason. The subconscious is gradually unveiled. During these experiences, a different reality appears and is observed through the prism of our consciousness.
Are we remembering who we are, or are we simply discovering who we are?
Without words, this reality is sometimes expressed through terror, suffering and tears. At times it comes in the form of beauty and tears of joy inspired by the magic.
It comes from within one's being, in the form of archetype images.
Each and everyone's personal history and culture individually determine this reality.

We all share a universal mythology, which serves as a source for the visions.
Each and every one of us is an infinite universe, where angels and demons make up our thoughts, emotions, memory and our body. My journey deep into the jungle continued when I met scientists from the "Aton Institute" in Norway. The Aton Institute studies consciousness, quantum physics and the molecular chemistry of sacred plants as well as past civilizations.

-Jan Kounen




Huasca; Yagé; Soma; Daime; The Tea; La Purga,  In Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, and to a lesser extent in Brazil, "ayahuasca" or "ayawaska" is Quechua for "spirit vine" or "vine of the souls"; aya means "spirit" while huasca or waska means "vine" being a  channel to the world-spirit, to gaia, mother earth, eywa, the consciousness of our planet. 

1st of 2 excerpts from the movie "Blueberry" by Jan Kounen

Temple of the Way of Light: 
Very interesting testimonial from a medical doctor who recently came to the Temple. Powerful testimony to the work of the Temple and the sacred medicine - Ayahuasca.  Thank you Seth for your humility, sincerity and truth.

here is the 2nd excerpt! enjoy!


South American Ayahuasca travels in Peru Iquitos (2009)

this short clip depicts very  well how important chanting of the shaman and sound vibration is during Trance and visits to the Other World

=(excerpt of Jan Kounen)=

tree of life

much Love to the Temple of the Way of Light in Peru, and big thanks to all photographers making those pictures and laying them out. I was an incredible healing and shamanic journey, inspiring the beginnings of the art and love project of world-spirit gaia, serving the world with arts and infos about alternative traditional and foremost powerful plant medicines.
Sai Ram fellow earth citizens

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