[we are currently rarely active, but still every now and then we receive heart warming messages from all over the world, thank you!] 

world-spirit's earth citizens united!

Not One is lower or higher than another.  All creative souls fulfill own individual purpose on earth. 
We are all in the same ship, called "Life", and we do our best to spread joy in the world! 
At the same time we are  both teacher and student in the eternal hierarchy of the universe. 

Our Team is multicultural, and our passion is healing arts and beauty. Many of us traveled the whole world, we had the honor to meet remarkable friends and teachers encouraging us to have faith in ourselves and continue our ways of life.

We would say, that the force uniting us here under this unique project of world-spirit.org is love and compassion...also everyone of us feels, that it is something even beyond love, beyond compassion, beyond ordinary concepts, something even much greater than we have known prior!

Love is just the beginning!

Often we are asked the one question, who we are, or what world-spirit.org is really about:
Of source, we can simply say, that it's all about sharing, caring, service, and information.
As you can see, while browsing our online space, we are involved into many projects, 
most of them are about the creative side of life.
We practice and focus on various healing arts, and are often engaged internationally, whereever Creation may take us.

Often being asked who we are, we anser humorously, 
that ultimately

And we feel blissful about it!

We keep redefining ourselves constantly anyway, since life itself is constant change.

We feel more like saying, that we are children of beloved earth, as everyone else here on this planet.

We somehow began to feel, that more than love, it is Not-Knowing, which is uniting us all here on earth.

Most of earth citizens are scared to leave the comfort zone, and live in a box of relative knowledge and artificial boundaries, but this is OK!
 The universe is eternal, incomprehensible and a mystery, so actually our ever expanding comfort zone is even a necessity, otherwise we would get lost and drown in the eternal space of chaos.


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