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Sarveshaam Svastir Bhavatu
Sarveshaam Shaantir Bhavatu
Sarveshaam Purnam Bhavatu
Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Niramayaah
Sarve Bhardrani Pashyantu
Maa Kadhchit Duhkhabhahg Bhavet


English Meaning of Shanti Mantra

May good befall all.
May there be peace for all.
May there be perfection in everything. 
May all experience that which is auspicious.
May all be happy. May all be healthy.
May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer

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For the character in Greek mythology see Icarus.
Icaros are medicine songs, used as part of the toolkit of Shamans and Curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon Basin.[1]

The doctor spirits teach the shamans their icaros. Icaros are expressed in the form of song and are a major system of delivery of the shamans’ spiritual energy. They are used to bring on mareación (the visionary effects of the Ayahuasca), take mareación away, call in different plant spirits, call in the spirits of others or the deceased, take away dark spirits and dark energies, and manage the ceremony.

Icaros are either whistled or sung, and can be expressed in any language. The shamans generally sing in a spirit dialect that is a mixture of their native language (i.e. Quechua, Shipibo-Conibo, Asháninka, etc.), Spanish, and different evocative sounds. Icaros represent a system of communication between the shaman and the spirits, and the shaman and the participants in the ceremony. The shamans believe that every living thing has an icaro and that these icaros can be learned.

The singing of icaros is sometimes accompanied by the Chakapa, shacapa, a leaf rattle that is used to carry the rhythm of the ceremony. The shaman will use his shacapa to direct energy and the icaros, as well as send away dark or unwanted energies. Each icaro is used to contact a different spirit, for use of healing.
Ayahuasca Preparation Icaro

The following example is the beginning of an icaro that is used by Peruvian cuanderos to prepare the bottle of Ayahuasca for ceremony. It sets the intent of the ceremony for the Ayahuasca and the participants.

The following Icaro is written initially in Spanish, with the lines English translation immediately following.

Cielo cielo Ayahuascacitoini
Calling to the sky Ayahuasca

Cielo cielo Ayahuascacitoini
Calling to the sky Ayahuasca

Troncoimantacitoini Papa Tuacitoini
Calling to the mother trunk and head medicine spirit Papa Tua

Ayudangichoini curangichoini cuerpocitoini
Help heal the body

Enderesangichioni sentiditoini
Straighten the mind

Enderesangichioni shungonicitoini
Straighten the heart center

Enderesangichioni todas todas energias cuerpocitoini
Straighten all the energies in the body

Tranquilito sentiditoini no turbachiwongichoini
Calm mind without turbulence

Cushi cushi wayra wayra cuerpocitoini
Good feeling, airiness to the body

Todo todo mal espiritocitoini que venga contra de nosotroscitoini chaparingi chapamongi
All dark spirits that come against us be caught

Dragon rojo mama aguilitaini
By the red dragon and mother eagle

Boa negra sacha mama 500 metros de largaini llevaringi al infinito del mundo
Black boa sachamama 500 meters long take them to the infinite of the world

Nunca nunca pudiendo volveringi
Never never being able to return

Nunca nunca pudiendo dominarcitoini cuerpocitoini
Never never being able to dominate the body

Cielo cielo Ayahuascacitoini
Calling to the sky Ayahuasca

Cielo cielo Ayahuascacitoini
Calling to the sky Ayahuasca

Enseñangichoini todas classes de icaro medicina
Teach all classes of icaro medicine

Toda toda medicina sabiduría divinaini
All medicine and divine knowledge

Dios Dios Jesús Jesús, El Espíritu Santo, La Virgen María,
God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary,

Arcángel Miguel, Oriel, Gabriel, Rafaelcitoini
Archangel Michael, Auriel, Gabriel, Rafael

Todos Ángeles Celestiales Cuidaringi cuidamongi cuerpocitoini
All celestial angels look after and protect our bodies

Cielo cielo Ayahuascacitoini
Calling to Cielo Ayahausca

Fuerte fuerte Mareacíoncitoini
Strong mareación (visionary effects)

Suenaringi suenamongi mareacióncitoini
Bring sound to the visionary effects

Suenaringi suenamongi mareacióncitoini
Bring sound to the visionary effects

Fuerte fuerte Mareacióncitoini
Strong mareación (visionary effects)

Claro claro visioncitoini
Clear vision

Claro claro ñaguecito
Clear eyes

Abre abre visioncitoini
Open vision

Despejado cuerpocito
Opening the energy of the body

Despejado mundo enteritoini
Opening the entire world

Alumbrangichoini universo infinitocitoini
Illuminating the infinite universe

Claro claro ñaguecito
Clear eyes
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