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"For me (meaning in life) has something to do with the concept of 
independence or not allowing myself to be affected by other larger forces. One thing that matters (in life) think it is very important that human beings do understand themselves in some kind of (autonomous) way.  

I think it is important for people to understand themselves as not 
limited by things, like what other people think or by tradition or by 
morality, or by religious belief, or even by what is considered 
scientific law or reality. It opens up the possibility for human escape and see beyond the limits of what (you think) is 
possible. By shooting for the impossible you actually increase the size of what actually is possible. Overwhelming concept for the passion of terms of outcome...everybody dies...instead of winning the race or game, it is much more fruitful to think of life as art...just making something beautiful. To me that is a sense of what makes life worth living. That's enough for me.

Mark Simpson, JD * Former attorney, 
Philosophy Professor and Writer

“There are no facts, only interpretations”   Friedrich Nietzsche