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Gopikachu and yodas Merkaba

This Portrait is dedicated to my love Liza.
This is the first picture in a series, it describes how feelings and thoughts manifest the reality around us. this potrait is of liza on a red bench in kassel, imprinting her feelings and thoughts in the ether.

World-Spirit interviewed Master Yoda, and he teaches the art of catching Pokemon Spirits.

Yoda: "Pokemon Spirits can be cached and tamed.
As the Esper in Final Fantasy.
But in Lemuria we prefer other words that "cached".
Basically it´s a connection to nature, and communication with the force, union with the force, alignment to the force.
"Once the 3rd eye is opened, one can perceive different dimensions, that´s how you interview me"

Master Yoda invited his dear friend and Goddess of thunder, Pikachu, to share his wisdom about the invisible worlds.
Pikachu says, there is always a time and place to trigger thunder, but first one has to be balanced and self controlled. When the time is ripe, the electricity will open the third eye naturally.

Electricity reveals the invisible world, and the heart created the merkaba to travel, humans are afraid of thunder and electricity. Kung Fu Masters showed through Union of Yang and Yin show how to enhance the Chi and electric flow, but also how to

treat the powerful force gently and wisely, and surrender to its guidance...

Dr. Moises Lichtinger, among others, a master of acupuncture, showed Pikachu how to combine electric currents with

needles to heal during acupuncture sessions. Instant Healing through life itself.

World-Spirit: "Pikachu, why is it that Humans lost the belief in Nature Spirits, especially in you Pokemon spirit?"

Pika: "Humans grew too serious, they lost their imagination, and think Pokemons are fictitious cartoons for children.

And in fact, it seems that only the children can perceive us, or those adults who found their inner child and walk easy through life, 
surf with the flow of Dao. The Japanese were the first to discover us. The red-white Pokeball one knows from the anime, is in fact a symbol for the Dantien, the energy reserve below the belly button. Jedi Yoda taught me how to preserve more chi in the Dantien, to create subtler waves of electricity and Jedi Mantac Chia teaches it to Humans on earth, so that every one has equal rights in aquiring their own chi loaded Pokeball. One can call us nature spirits or kami, we live in invisible worlds, and Lemuria is our Home, far beyond 5 D, and still closely intertwined with your visible planet gaia. Once one can go past the pain of electro shocks all over the body, the chi ball in the dantien is used to establish contact with one of us. In the anime, a literal fight can occur, but the process in itself is taming the lion within, the longer the devotee can mantain a strong electric current through the body, without burning , the more likely the specific pokemon spirit will stay and probably befriend and assist on the journeys through other realms. In the stories from Japan narrate, metaphors always stand for real energies in the universe...

...we are all energy and all electricity, with different degrees of expanded consciousness."