The Symbolism of the Tarot Card:


The King holds a large cup in his left hand and a scepter in his right. He appears to be floating, not sinking, on the sea which is his domain. A ship sails over one shoulder, and a creature that could either be a dolphin or a whale is jumping over the other (the creator of the deck refers to it as a dolphin). He wears a necklace adorned with a large fish. One of the king's feet looks ready to be dipped into the water below his throne.



The Meaning of the Tarot Card:


The King of Cups has mastered all of the elements of water - creativity, female fertility, emotion, and art. Since he has balanced the elements of emotion so well in his character, this is a very fair man who is very honest in business. This may also refer to a religious man, a priest or someone in a more senior station in any religion. A teacher possessing any of these qualities. The fish is not necessarily a Christian symbol, it refers more to the element of water, but quite a few authorities do ascribe this meaning to it. If this card turns up in any inquiry, it is a person that is disposed to help the individual in question.